Michael Brewer

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Michael is our first ambassador from the USA. He was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. He served 8 years in the US Army as a Combat Medic. Served in Kuwait in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (2001) and then in Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003) with 4th Infantry Battalion. The day he left the Army is the day he stopped shaving. He became a Registered Nurse and worked in emergency and psychiatric care. Furthered his education to become a Board Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. he currently evaluates and treats clients that present with mental health challenges. When possible, he likes to use a holistic approach to treatment and hopes to someday study advanced functional medicine. He loves spending time with his wife of 20 years and with their two boys. Camping, hiking, golfing, and visiting historical places are their favorites. They recently developed a love for axe throwing.

His greatest achievement is earning the Expert Field Medical Badge in the US Army. It's a difficult course with a low pass rate. This badge is a symbol of expertise as a combat medic. He later went on to earn the Combat Medical Badge which is awarded after serving in combat.

Follow him on Instagram: @oifbrewer